Guiding Principles

1.  Community-based research begins with and benefits the community.

2.  Collaboration is an equal partnership with all parties having much to learn and much to teach.

3.  Community-based research engages collaborating partners in all phases of the research process.

4.  Everyone should have access to appropriate translated evidence based health programs.

5.  Sustainable change and capacity building among partners promotes community health.


Our Role

The role of Heartland Health Network (HHN) is to enhance the strengths, expertise and infrastructure of all partners in order to better develop, facilitate, and support effective health programming with faith and community based organizations. 

The HHN will strive to accomplish these goals: 

  1. Formalize our existing network of health researchers, African American faith-based organizations, and a community-based health service organization to overcome barriers to conducting work in the African American church setting.
  2. Increase the capacity of our network to fully partner in efficient health science research and dissemination by increasing infrastructure in: a) communication and partner relationships, b) technology, c) organizational development, and d) scientific health research and dissemination expertise.
  3. Broaden our network to become a regional entity inclusive of additional churches and other community sectors (e.g., health care facilities, schools, media) working collaboratively with churches to address health disparities among African Americans.
  4. Achieve sustainability through a) expanding university institutional support, b) submission of grants (e.g., NIH, CDC, SAMSHA) by existing and new HHN partners, and c) securing support from local and national philanthropic foundations.


Upcoming Events

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