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Capacity Building Workshop Series
Workshop series will provide faith and community organizations with training on how to strengthen their organization, enhance their programming, and work effectively with researchers.

Previous Workshop Materials

Next Steps in Strategic Planning
Materials: Presentation

Strategic Planning for Health Promotion
Materials: Presentation

Program Evaluation
Materials: Presentation, Worksheet #1, Worksheet #2

Doing Grants with a University: What you need to know
Materials: Presentation and Sample Budget Worksheet

Program Development
Materials: Presentation

Using Evidence-Based Interventions to Develop Community Programs
Materials: Presentation #1 and Presentation #2

Partnering with Community-Based Participatory Researchers
Materials: Presentation

The Art of Grant Writing
Materials: Presentation

Strategic Planning for Organizational Development
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Grant Writing
Materials: Presentation and Worksheet

Lunch & Learn Series

The Lunch & Learn series is designed to assist health researchers in the Kansas City metropolitan area to explore how a community engaged research approach might be of value to their research programs. National funding priorities are shifting towards T2-T4 translational research proposals from multi-disciplinary teams with many requiring evidence of stakeholder/community involvement. We'd like to help other researchers identify effective strategies for being competitive in this new environment.


The goals for these sessions are to:

  1. Explore whether a research-community partnerships would benefit your research
  2. Share successful strategies for securing funding for translational community engaged research
  3. Share successes and challenges in developing multi-disciplinary teams that include community organizations
  4. Enhance understanding of the skills necessary to engage community organizations

*For questions contact Andrea Bradley-Ewing at bradleyan@umkc.edu

Upcoming Events

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